DNS Management

What is XDNS?
XDNS is Free DNS Management service with full feature. This service support for all domain name.
With XDNS you can share your domain to public, and public can use your subdomain for their domain name.
With share domain, you can get more traffic from subdomain.

How to use XDNS?
Just set NS record your domain to:

  • ns1.xtrsyz.org
  • ns2.xtrsyz.org
  • ns3.xtrsyz.org
  • ns4.xtrsyz.org
  • ns5.xtrsyz.org

Free DNS Management.
* All Domain Extensions
* URL Redirect Records (Redirect your URL to another one)
* A Records (Point to IP Addresses)
* CNAME Records (Alias to another host/domain)
* MX Records (Mail config. via MX records)
* TXT Records (Text Notes / Comments)
* AAAA(IP version 6) Records
* NS Records (Nameservers for this host)
* PTR Records (Reverse DNS Entry)
* SRV Records (Server Location Record)
* Wildcard Records (*)
* Shared Domain (Free subdomain name)
* Share your Domain

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