Root Race

First root race: Etheric, begins 18 million years ago (the entry of spirit into matter)

Second root race: Hyperborean, begins 8 million years ago (early physical forms and gender differences, centered in the Arctic and northern climes)

Third root race: Lemurian and Mu, begins one million years ago (full lowering of gender and racial groupings with the introduction of darker skins, movement to southern, Indian and Pacific Oceans)

Fourth root race: Atlatean, begins 85,00 B.C.E. (lands now lying beneath the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores; progenitor of modern body types supposedly with the first “Adam”)

Fifth root race: Aryan, begins 10,000 B.C.E. with right-brained megalithic cultures rom 10,000 to 3000 B.C.E. and left-brained modern cultures from 3000 B.C.E. to the present (consciousness separated into two hemispheres, east and west–now fusing back together, a global leap in species refinement)

Sixth root race: Originally unnamed but now called Aurorean, begins around 2400 to 3000 C.E. (centered in North America and Europe, fuse all global patterns into one planetary consciousness)

Seventh root race: Unnamed, begins 7000 to 8000 C.E. (centered in South America, graduation away from the necessity for earthplane “schools”, perhaps etheric in nature with a different means of reproduction and growth)

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