Who are you, anyhow?

I Am that I Am.

What is your name?

I have many names: Father-Mother-Source-Allah-Divine Presence-Creative Energy-Supreme Being-God.

Do you have a body?

I am not a physical being. I am Spiritual Energy.

How can I find you?

You can feel my presence, if you become conscious of it.

Where can I find you?

In the pure eyes of a newborn; the voice of the singer; the hand of the surgeon, pilot, or artist; the roar of the ocean; the fragrance of a flower.

What hold me back from experiencing life more fully?

False beliefs. Stop identifying with your past. forgive anyone who may have disappointed you.

What is my purpose in life?

To reach for greater understanding of your spiritual heritage–to view the world as your piayground–to live life fully enjoying each day.

Will you always be there? Even when I die?

Of course, my beloved child. There is no beginning, and there no end–I will never forsake you.
Life is Eternal.

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