The bible tells us that we are descended from Noah, who wasin turn descended from Seth, a son of first couple, Adam and Eve. Traditional biblical chronology traces this first couple back to 4004 B.C. Sometime later, Noah’s three are assumed to have differentiated into the various race of man we know today. However, recent genetic studies indicated that the ancestry of all currently living human being can be traced back to a single woman. Dubbed “Mitochondrial Eve” (ME) this woman supposedly lived in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Does this mean that biblical history as outlined in the book of Genesis is merely allegorical? And if mankind can be traced back to the same mother, why are we divided into such seemingly dissimilar groups or races? In addition, with whom did this first woman mate?

Scientists have several mostly conflicting theories, including the discovery of “Y Chromosomal Adam”, who appears to have originated several thousand years later than his female counterpart, ME. To further complicate matters, recently analysis of ancient DNA obtained from 60,000-year-old Australian bones yielded no linkage whatsoever to ME. Fortunately or us, the history of humanity as outlined by the Edgar Cayce readings is not only able to account for the biblical story, but may even clarify what seems to be incompatible scientific evidence. But to explain the differences in (and the oneness of) the races of humanity, we must start at the beginning of creation.

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