The Five Cosmogonic Epoch of The Mayan Calendar

FIRST WORLD Jaguar/Ocelot Sun

Earth element, feminine energy

A time when giants lived (created by gods). They live in caves, ate what was available, where attacked and eaten by jaguars [Bones found of pre-diluvian animals in deep ravines under dense layers of strata]. Devastating winds and long periods of darkness. Fire.


Air element, masculine energy

Human race in danger of being destroyed by hurricanes, so gods transformed them into apes so they could holdon better and not be carried away [the reason and simians resemble each other]. Huge forest flattened by cyclones. Winds. Hurricanes. Darkness.

THIRD WORLD Rain of Fire Sun

Fire element, feminine energy

Destruction by rain of lava and fire. Humans were transformed into birds, thus saved from cataclysm [evidence of human buried under layers of lava and ashes]. Volcanoes erupting. Darkness. Ice.


Water element, masculine energy

Everything perishes because of terrific stroms, torrential rains, floods reaching nearly to mountain tops [gods changed people into fish to save them]. Time of the elders. Materialism. Dark side has a lot of power.

FIFTH WORLD Earthquake/Movement Sun

Ether element, fusion of masculine/feminine energy

World end with huge shifts, movement, earthquake, perhaps a pole shift (magnetic/geophysical). The age of modern humans. Began 3114 B.C.E. and ends 2012 C.E.

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