Have you authenticated your mig33 account?

Dear User,

Did you register more than 90 days ago? Have you authenticated your account? If not, please authenticate it NOW.

On 15th September 2011, all non-authenticated accounts will have NO access to mig33.

To authenticate your accounts,
Web Client – go to [Profile > Authenticate it > Enter your Authentication Code]
WAP – go to [migWorld > Authenticate your account > Enter your Authentication Code]
J2ME Client – go to [Login Page > Login > Enter Code > Enter your Authentication Code]
Android Client – go to [Login Page > Login > Enter your Authentication Code > Authenticate Now]

If you have problems authenticating your account, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Authenticate your account TODAY so you can continue to:
– enjoy our IM services
– add friends to your friend list
– increase your migLevels
– search for Users/Groups/Chatrooms
– have access to migStore
– have access to Groups
– receive Notifications and Likes
– access Leaderboards
– change your Avatar
– view or post Blog entries
– change your Status
– have access to migWorld
– view and edit your Profile
– have access to your Account

In addition, you can enjoy MORE of mig33’s features, such as chatting with friends in Chatrooms, joining Groups and forming communities, playing Games, uploading and sharing of photos, making cheap calls or SMSes and so much more!

Don’t wait! Authenticate your accounts today!

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