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We are delighted to announce that another great TLD, .PW will soon be added to your Domain product portfolio. Branded as ‘the Professional Web’ .PW is the new extension for professionals and businesses across the world.

Why .PW?

Powered by the Directi group, .PW is the namespace for individuals and professionals who want to create their presence on the web. What’s more?

  • It’s Open; anyone can register a .PW Domain.
  • It’s Available; a completely new namespace, with unlimited Domain options.
  • It’s Affordable; get a premium name at the industry’s most competitive price.
  • It’s Secure; best industry practices adopted: UDRP, Trademark friendly, DNSSEC.
  • It’s Reputed; zero tolerance for abuse creating a healthy spam-free namespace.

Launch Dates

Sunrise3rd December 2012 to 8th February 2013
The Sunrise phase of .PW Registrations is for trademark and copyright holders to protect their rights in the .PW namespace. Your Customers or Sub-Resellers that hold registered trademarks can apply for .PW Domains that are an exact or close match to their trademark.
.PW Domain applications during the Sunrise phase are priced at just $89.99 which includes a one-time application fee. Should a Registrant’s Sunrise application be rejected, a refund of $75 will be provided to them.
More information for trademark holders can be found here.
Landrush18th February 2013 to 18th March 2013
The Landrush phase of .PW Registrations is a limited one-time opportunity, post the Sunrise phase, during which your Customers and Sub-Resellers can submit their applications for Registering quality .PW Domains without holding any copyright or trademark.
The .PW Landrush is not first-come, first-served, but instead operates on an auction based system. Domain names with two or more applications will proceed to an auction. The Domain will finally be allocated to the winning bidder of that auction.
General Availability25th March, 2013 Onwards
The General Availability phase of Registering .PW Domains are open for all Registrants and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
You will be able to start offering .PW Domains during all three phases of the launch. Stay tuned for our mails that will contain information on how .PW Domains will be integrated into your Control Panel, SuperSite 2 and API.

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