Domain .SX Landrush

This October, we will be adding another great TLD to our Domain Portfolio; .SX.
On the 22nd of October, 2012, we will be opening up the Landrush Phase of applications for .SX Domains. During this phase, your Customers and Sub-Resellers will be able to pre-order .SX Domains @ Just $49.

The .SX Landrush will end on November 11th , 2012.

The .SX Landrush

    • The .SX Landrush is not first-come-first-served, and multiple applications of the same Domain Name are possible.
    • If during the Landrush period, two or more applicants apply for the same .SX Domain Name, the Domain Name will automatically be sold at an auction following the end of the Landrush Period.
    • If a Customer fails to secure the Domain after the auction, the Registration fee of $49 will be refunded.

Why .SX Domains?

Apart from being the Top Level Domain for Sint Maarten, .SX is the ideal Domain Name that highlights the adult industry. The .SX Landrush is the perfect opportunity for your Customers to get ahead and Register the Hottest New TLD of 2012.

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