Konspirasi dalam Islam

Jika dahulu konspirasi hanya ditulis pada Kristen, kini teori konspirasi telah terungkap dalam Islam.
Berikut beberapa konspirasi yang terjadi.


Menara Kembar

Menara atau bangunan seperti tiang tinggi biasa digunakan untuk mengalirkan energi.
Dan harus diakui, kabbah memiliki energi yang sangat besar karena setiap hari banyak manusia yang mengalirkan energi.

Mata Horus

The Twenty-Sixth Name is ENBILULUGUGAL
The Power that presides over all growth, and all that grows. Gives knowledge of
cultivation, and can supply a starving city with food for thirteen moons in one moon. A
most noble Power. His Word is AGGHA and his Seal:

The Lord of Abominations is HUMWAWA of the South Winds, whose face is a mass of
the entrails of the animals and men. His breath is the stench of dung, and has been.
HUMWAWA is the Dark Angel of all that is excreted, and of all that sours. And as all
things come to the time when they will decay, so also HUMWAWA is the Lord of the
Future of all that goes upon the earth, and any man’s future years may be seen by gazing
into the very face of this Angel, taking care not to breathe the horrid perfume that is the
odour of death..
And this is the Signature of HUMWAWA.

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